Out-Gunterstein 1611.

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Locatie : 's-gravenhage  (Zuid-Holland)
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Drawing on paper, pencil, pen and grey ink, washed in grey. Total: 174 x 228 mm. In good condition.

View on the Kasteel Gunterstein, with a long bridge on the left, as it probably looked like in 1611. All around the pond surrounding the castle many figures. Some of these were only added in the drawing, like the man with a wheelbarrow on the left foreground and the beautiful carriage led by horses on the right background. Inscribed below in pen and brown ink, in two different handwriting: "Oud Gunterstein" and "Le Chateau de Franqueville en Normandie", the latter crossed out with a line in pen. On verso further inscriptions; in pen and brown ink: "Robert Seigneur de Franqueville", below, in pen and blue ink: "Huis Oud [Gunter (crossed out)] Gunterstein."


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Kenmerken: Kopen in 's-gravenhage

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